We are currently supporting two childrens’ charities who are benefiting from funds raised through our activities such as the St Andrew’s Caledonian Charity Ball.  For details of donations made by us from time to time, including copies of applicable donation agreements and our annual financial statements, please visit our accounts page.

Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki TPD "Helenów"

Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki TPD “Helenów”

“Helenów” specializes in supporting children and adolescents with a wide spectrum of developmental disorders, including: physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability of various degrees, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, genetic syndromes, sensory integration disfunctions, psychomotor hyperactivity, speech-language disorders and multiple disabilities. They have facilities in the Masovian Landscape Park near Warsaw adapted to the needs of disabled persons. Over 180 pupils of Helenow are provided with rehabilitation, education at all levels and support in the form of  full-day or round-the-clock care as well as tasty homemade meals.

All institutions included in the Centre work closely together in support of persons with various disabilities.  “Helenów’s” activities in the field of rehabilitation, education and care are designed to develop whole or relative independence in children, so that they will be able to constitute an active part of the open society.

Learn more about Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki TPD “Helenów”:

Fundacja Iskierka

Fundacja IskierkaThe ISKIERKA Foundation is a Polish non-profit charity organisation, since 2006 developing systems providing financial, psychological and social support to children with cancer and to their families.

Iskierka (which means “sparkle” in Polish) stand out because they:

  • are close to the children giving them individual attention;
  • stimulate the childrens’ passion for life;
  • innovate in their campaigns and initiatives; and,
  • are effective and transparent.

Learn more about Fundacja Iskierka:

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