PLN 150,000 donated to Charities

Ceremonial presentation of St Andrew's Foundation's donation to CPD "Helenów"

Ceremonial presentation to CPD “Helenów”

The St Andrew’s Foundation has donated PLN 150,000 raised from its activities in 2015 to two Polish childrens’ charities – Fundacja “Iskierka” and Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki TPD “Helenów”.

The St Andrew’s Foundation President, Ben Bannatyne, said “we’re delighted to have had a successful opening year having formed the Foundation in 2015 and to have been able, thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, to make a substantial donation in the support of two leading Polish childrens’ charities”.

Fundacja “Iskierka”

Fundacja “Iskierka” is a Polish childrens’ charity supporting children with cancer and their families.  To assist them with the purchase of respirators at three hospitals, St Andrew’s Foundation donated PLN 90,000 to Fundacja “Iskierka”.  The respirators cost around PLN 90,000 each and the donation from St Andrew’s Foundation will be matched with funds from Fundacja “Iskierka” and the hospitals.  It is expected that the new respirators will be in place in the hospitals, which have been selected by Fundacja “Iskierka”, before the end of August 2016.

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Umowa Darowizny – Iskierka (07/01/2016)

Centrum Rehabilitacji, Edukacji i Opieki TPD “Helenów”

TPD “Helenów” specializes in supporting children and adolescents with a wide spectrum of developmental disorders.  In order to assist the childrens’ development, TPD “Helenów” is developing an indoor arena for “hippotherapy“, and a form of equine therapy.  St Andrew’s Foundation’s donation of PLN 60,000 will be used to prepare the design and construct the foundations of the new arena, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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Umowa Darowizny – TPD Helenow (07/01/2016)

Supporters and Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of our guests at and sponsors of the St Andrew’s Caledonian Charity Ball 2015, St Andrew’s Foundation raised PLN 161,000 in 2015.  After donating PLN 150,000 to the Foundation’s selected charities, PLN 11,000 has been retained in reserves.

You can support our activities in 2016 and benefit childrens’ charities by joining us at the St Andrew’s Caledonian Charity Ball 2016.


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