PLN 300,000 for Hippotherapy Arena

PLN 300,000 for Helenów’s Hippotherapy Arena

St Andrew’s Foundation has continued its partnership with TPD Helenów with the aim of completing an indoor Hippotherapy Arena by agreeing to make a further donation of PLN 240,000 in 2018.  The donation is made up of PLN 110,000 from our activities in 2016 plus a further PLN 130,000 from 2017. This is in addition to an earlier donation of PLN 60,000 bringing the total donations for this project to PLN 300,000!


Foundations completed

An earlier donation of PLN 60,000 was made to Helenów. This has resulted in completion of the design and construction of the foundations for the new Indoor Hippotheray Arena.

Making a difference

Your donations are making a difference to the lives of young people in Poland.  In addition to our partnership with TPD Helenów, in conjunction with Fundacja Iskierka we’ve also funded the purchase of respirators and an ambulance. We continue our partnership with Iskierka and expect in the near future to announce a new medical equipment project with them for 2018.

Support us at the 2018 edition of the St Andrew’s Caledonian Charity Ball.  Dig deep in your pockets for Poland’s young people while enjoying a great night out!

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