Making a difference

Supporting childrens' charities

Your donations are making a difference to Polish childrens’ lives

Your support is making a difference

A huge thank you to all the guests at and sponsors of the 2017 St Andrew’s Caledonian Charity Ball – you have helped us to raise almost PLN 175,000 for childrens’ charities.  The total amount raised by the St Andrew’s Foundation over the last three years is now comfortably over PLN 500,000.

President of the St Andrew’s Foundation, Ben Bannatyne, said “the amazing generosity of our supporters is making a real difference.  In conjunction with our partner charities we’ve been able to purchase equipment and develop facilities to help ill children and young people in Poland.”

Partnering with childrens’ charities

In partnership with Fundacja Iskierka, a charity supporting children with cancer, the funds raised with your help in 2015 and 2016 have been instrumental in the purchase of respirators and an ambulance to help in the treatment and support of sick kids.

Your donations are also supporting the development of an indoor hippotherapy arena in partnership with TPD Helenów, a charity supporting children and adolescents with a wide range of developmental disorders.

With the donations raised in 2017 we expect to continue the development of the hippotherapy arena and will be working with Iskierka to identify equipment to help children suffering brain cancers.  We’ll bring you further details in the coming weeks.

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