Many thanks Martyn!

Martyn O'Reilly

Martyn O’Reilly

For many years Martyn O’Reilly has been the organiser of Warsaw’s annual Caledonian Balls and many other events.  After the hugely successful Ball held at the Marriott in November 2014, Martyn has passed the baton to who have begun organising the 2015 Caledonian Ball.  We plan to remain faithful to the main elements of Martyn’s successful formula and, in particular, we’ll give you the opportunity to enjoy another ceilidh in 2015!

We’d like to thank Martyn for all his hard work and skill in organising 18 Caledonian Balls. We hope, Martyn, to welcome you to the Ball in 2015!

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  1. Great! Well done! Delighted that we have action packed committee. ( I had to use my calculator for the arithmetic question1)

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